You have long been trying to understand the missing part of this puzzle called life, being encountered by all that have lived and still on earth. Yet just a piece appears to be making the big picture incomprehensible. The questions many at such moment have often asked are:

  • How can I fix it?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Why does it appear impossible?
  •  Should I give up now?
  •  Is there really possible solution to this mess?
  •  Why have I not figured it out up till now?
  • Have anybody ever fixed this problem?

The More we travel in the world of thoughts the deeper we see how complicated this whole picture is and the more the questions emerge. Although the outcome is beyond counts, the focus here is not to put every question in black and white. Rather, we will attempt to see if there is truly a puzzle, is it as difficult as it appears and have I already been offered the help I needed to fix it all.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 4:6-7 NIV).

Many individuals in time of crisis have heaped more problems than arrive at intended solution. The reason for this is usually anxiety/worries. But do we really need to cut off from whatever fuels worries?  One would argue that it is a way of life, something that lives with us and we cannot do a thing about it. Besides, everybody experience this at one time or the other. As true as that may sound, the reality is that we are not created to develop more towards exhibiting anxiety/worries which in course of time incubate into fear. We were created to take dominion and be in control of everything on earth. One would ask; if this is truly true, why then are we not in total control?

As usual I enjoy the rhyme of this puzzle called life because we cannot truly understand it outside Biblical writings.
Every written information plus evolution theory travel as far as they could, still fall at the feet of Genesis’ creation account, declaring God the Majesty and Creature of everything before, now and yet to come.  But something went wrong in our drive towards acquisition of knowledge, an attempt made by Adam in devil’s conspiracy; making Paul’s statement absolutely true when we apply it to our daily situations. “God surpasses all comprehension.”

The sad situation with fallen human is not only refusal to accept this concept of why we are in this dilemma and failures here and there in our daily activities.  But our unwillingness to apply the available solution, the very antidotes to the thing that hurts us so badly and have created this so disorganized lifestyle called post-modern world. To many it is too cheap to be true, that God would allow evil in our world if really God exists. Why would God create evil or create human to be this weak? How possible is the death of one man – an appeal to the demonstration of love for all humanity and creation.  Yet there is absolute truth in this claim as the antidote to all situations that became activated when Adam and Eve share in the knowledge of good and evil.

  • Hahaha, to many this is too cheap to be the fact. What if you can’t figure it out? Well that is why God has planted us on your way to help you get back on track as you allow the Holy Spirit to light-up your path. Okay, but How can I fix it?
    How can I fix it? A walk to the hospital left me sad for a while, not just about the crowded state of the hospital but the average number of patients standing and smoking at the smokers lodge outside within the hospital compound. This is the post-modern way of fixing it in today’s world. Look around you and you will see signpost indicating professional therapy and counseling service available to all kinds of situations, including professional relationship and lose weight services.
    Do not get me wrong, I do not disagree there are good sides on such service but how often do we develop deeper problems as a result of our paid services.

Our system is so commercialized that services now are mostly self-centered. It is more about profit marginalization than patient solution package expected.  It is not in the hands of fallen human to fix it, for the blind cannot lead the blind. Head knowledge is not enough to solve the problem of sin which is the root of every problem on earth. We do not solve a problem by cutting shot the symptoms or the breeding element triggering the problem. Rather we are shifting the cycle into stage of aggression. This finally explodes beyond any medical solution. The safe and logical way of resolving any known situation should be locating the root cause and eliminating it from the system. Nothing human has created or done so far to help better our existence and cope with situations, has made concrete positive influence, rather they have often created most aggressive unexpected danger to lives.
It is wrong to seek solution to a broken car by using the broken material to fix it. Recycling, yes that is what we do but have our recycled system stop things from being damaged? No! It even adds problems, making the item more devalued than the original. The answer to the question, how can I fix it? Is that no human can fix it. For it will take the right part of the puzzle to complete the puzzle.

  • What am I doing wrong? If you are trying to fix it with that which is within human abilities, it is like trying to reproduce Adam and Eve attempts in the Garden of Eden to cover their discovered shame with fig leaves. Such poor and perishable/nondurable solution is the first step to wrong solution/result oriented lifestyle. Can you find yourself within these radius? You are in a broken relationship, children are not doing well at home and school, financial difficulties have crippled your daily activities, you are presently unemployed because of one reason or the other, and you are on your sick bed waiting to die. It is possible you have done all you might think you can and nothing has changed instead you are speeding down the valley of shame and humiliation, while life looks you in the face and says you brought it all on yourself. Tears no longer wet your pillows, your voice no longer sings it is well, because you are sure the walls of fear surrounds you now while it seems none truly care.

Cheer up my beloved for weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. (Psalm 30:5) Our Redeemer lives. In African concepts many believe “heaven help those who help themselves.” But the truth is, this word associated with heaven does not exist anywhere in the realm of heaven. Rather, God steps into action when we come to terms with our inabilities to change an atom of situation we face daily.

• Seek God’s Grace: You must realize that nothing we do can change the situation unless our effort is backed up with the grace of God. So it is not about what you have been doing wrong that is making it not to work out good or gain understanding to how to maneuver your way through the situation to positive change. Rather the situations have not gotten better because you are not created or born to handle it by yourself. You are expected to give them all up to the source of life. God only can correct every error that might have come as a result of our wrong decisions. So instead of advancing in the valley of isolation it is time to step out from your hiding place into the arena of change found in Christ Jesus the antidote for our fall. “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (1Peter 5:7) To be continued………

We would like to encourage you to ask Christ Jesus to help you right now at this point.   Many that did this simple task, are today celebrating not only eternal peace but are flourishing in every area of their lives with joy that cannot be prescribed by any specialist.  Please if you asked Christ Jesus to help fix it, we would like to hear from you and encourage you more.  Please kindly email us using contact form or email.  Also invite your friends and family to step out of their trying to fix it attitude and embrace Christ Jesus.  God bless you as you continue in this newness of life in Christ Jesus name Amen.

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