To Thee that formed this new day out of nothingness,I yield to in every dimension both known and unknown to humanity.  In sincerity of voice undefined I bring my vessels in its earthing form as I divorce myself of every knowledge I may possess for this day expectations and know-how.   That my soul, spirit and bodily form may be granted grace to draw near into The burning flame of Thy unquenchable love and mercy for the purging of my being from all human- self my today in existence may be compelled to want to excuse self in weakness.

Thy righteous Will,  I take up as my expectations, for in Christ Jesus is my righteousness made complete. Anything outside this will be my heart racing after vanity, but that, I am resolved never to seek.
For my unformed substance made into bodily form is built for Thy very purpose to which I can only comprehend within the dimension I now exist in; that in knowledge I have come to this affirmation ” all things works together for my good” –

Thou have made my “inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I praise Thee because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Thy works are wonderful, I know that full well.

My frame was not hidden from Thee

when I was made in the secret place,

when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.

Thy eyes saw my unformed body;”

Through my challenges I am reassuringly empowered as the more than conqueror Thou have made me in conformity through Christ Jesus the centre of my substance now,  Thou have made me smile instead of sorrow, dance in place of mourning, joyful when I was to be engulfed with bitter memories beyond expression. A life of onward accomplishment in place of stagnancy.

If I use words of the old, it is okay for Thou art the “Ancient of Day”, my “Alpha and Omega”. “I AM I AM”. Oh how glorious is the victory I am armed with, the old serpent crushed I now see better, the leviathan have lost the counsel against me. Yet while in my Knees I remained, so speedily in mercy and kindness, have Thou compassed me. While the earth yet sleep, Thou have given me place in the midst of creation.  Like a child whose daily needs are only met by the arms that guides his/her existence I yield my all to the guide of Thy Spirit.

For what am I without Thy presence – but the reproach of created things.  In witness stand,  I take my place to rebel against any forming figure in the deep sea of my thoughts and outside the circumference of what the contemporary system of humanity may be.   Truly beyond the chambers of now, no matter what the evidence of experience may present to me in the course of my existence in time and space, I shall take bodily the stand declaring how great Thou art.

I choose to stand instead as a witness to Thy unspeakable and undeniable love to me and all who same course shall embark outside the realm of self.   My dread fear of loneliness and failure mixed with the herbs of pity are evaporated into nothingness.  How great are the victorious outcome of it all.  I adore Thee for that which was meant to break my substance into patches now stands as stepping stones declaring the flourishing nature Thy presence is to me.  Where we are left to mourn our failures, Thou have closed up for the uprightness towards accomplished purpose in time and space.  Nothing ever would be a surprise to Thee, for nothing is without Thy masterpiece plan for a total praise and glorification of Thy name.

If I could be patient enough to number the seasons of past, I may be dumbfounded at the numerous evidence that points to my joyful triumph over the storm.  Like every other storm daily rocking my sail, Thy steadfastness and faithfulness  captains me constantly.  My joy is in this privilege so unmerited Thou have given me to testify to humanity in this generation and and to come, that Thou is and will always be the invisible sovereign Creator of all things for the good of all who are in Thee through Christ Jesus and for them that would come to acknowledge this same faith.

Help me as I behold the glimpse of Thy glory, to learn to stay in humility for the yet unknown shall speak far better things.  So I hereby take the witness stand to testify about nothing else save what is known in nature, in revelation, and in Thy written Word.

Every issue we face daily, that might leave us all in confused and aching state, is truly being used to draw us closer to Thee, and Thou have always stepped into and will as usual step into to show forth my praise in love; much speedily than we can envisage. All things works together for our good if only we could invite you to take it over.   Now the word ” come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden” with affirmed rest in place I can say is what many are missing.

To be continued……..  by Joseph Dumbili

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