Talking as a tool for breakthrough from desert to springs.

What do you do when face with unnoticed encroaching desert gradually turning out to becoming the everyday life walk and sail towards purpose for existence?




Too many murmur, complains of dissatisfied experience and unfruitful yield in life stands as evidence, that the future may be a mirage are transmitted per second by this generation. The coheirs as descendants of them that once lived here and heading to an eternal promise, finds themselves on a sail like like the biblical narrative from Exodus to the Promised land.

The visible reality of identified lack of our numerous needs have finally taken it’s hold in this generation. The remembrances of how it was and thought it would become have left many singing songs like, I don’t mind living once in Egypt just to smell the garlic, onions, the free fishes, (Num.11:5),  drink of the grapes and vine and have a burial place in the salves graveyards.

Your responsibility:

  • Refusing to recall that those who died in Egypt except Joseph remained in their graves as slaves to Egypt would be a dread risk to venture in.  We have our covenant of resurrection in Christ Jesus.
  • Be on guard, a retreat to Egypt would not solve the problem, rather we would become exposed to the desert, a place of fallen carcasses as they that murmured all died though out of Egypt, yet not able to reach the promised land nor Egypt. (Numbers 14)
  • Distinguish yourself from the crowd of mixed multitude through your talking.  Be not anxious and become deluded into complaining about the desert dreadful seconds, rather with thanksgiving and supplications, (Phil.4:6).

Believe God is able.

But the way is not yours to envisage in God’s time, God makes all things bright to comprehension and beautiful to celebrate as testimonies. (Num. 13:30)

Nothing any individual can do as alternatives will make it right.  Decide to stay resolved, confessing the manifestation of day to come as inevitable flourishing blessings, positioned by faith. For the journey is same as from Egypt to promised land.

Learn to talk through the desert like Joshua and Caleb. For we know our God is given us eternal blessings even before the foundation of earth. So we are able to take the nations blessings as praises to God as written “all the glory the Father have given me, I give to you……” “and to then that would hear their message and believe” (Here is our inclusion in this covenant prayer of Christ Jesus).

Identify that desert state giving rise to consideration of a retreat from dream and purposeful life is fear.

But who told you it is by power or by might? Have you not heard it is not of him that runs, or that wills, but grace and mercies from God so be assured dear your tomorrow is beyond human thoughts, sights and decoded infomation.

“A horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory is of the LORD” (Proverbs 21:31).

Neither victory to the strong, for God “guards the steps of His faithful ones, but the wicked perish in darkness; for by his own strength shall no man prevail”. (1 Sam. 2:9) In the world we must have challenges but Christ Jesus have made it possible for a sail through. God got us insured for victory by the blood of Jesus Christ.   As such in all things give thanks talking through about God’s faithfulness in the journey to this point.    Food on the table, shelter, water, clothing, shoes, money etc that human fill up as earthly possessions may be lacking, yet our Redeemer lives and eternity will someday soon become our reality.  (Romans 8:35-39).  So talk about tomorrow that is in Christ Jesus waiting to manifest.   Joshua and Caleb and others partook of same manner, and flesh. (Num. 11:5)  They did drank of same rock,  saw battles and crossed from slavery to freedom on road created in the Red sea. (Exo. 14).   Yes only the two made it down to the promised land among those that left of age from Egypt. Because they talked faith made manifest on the hard times in desert.

We eat of the body and drink of the blood of Christ Jesus, the rock of ages, the rejected corner stone that became the head stone. Yet like they of the old murmuring is the day’s fashion.

It is our prayer today that we become aware of the danger associated with murmuring in the past biblical narrative and associate this with our journey as believers in this present time.  May God be praised as faithful to His promises in our everyday lives, helping us to stay focused and resolved in Christ Jesus name. Amen

NB: Watch out for our Talk through the desert tools coming up shortly.

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