Not even a room for him, when he came to take my place.

Who would have chosen to strip off his majesty and glory on my behalf,

takin.. up my earthly experience now memories of life,

only but He born of a virgin, laid in no humanly expressible beauty,

for he was born among animals and their remains.

Yet for me He did it all,

that I and all who would come to believe in Him

the light that leads freely to life eternal from ways of darkness

till his face again I shall behold

when my end and his reign eternally meet to no ending.

My spirit, soul, and body ‘ve found hope

for I’m not alone, Yes Immanuel

Every living human share this grace,

for non is that exist without challenges.

Yet in these are our days of sojourning on earth counted for blessing than curse.

For the majesty of His glory left in his incarnation for my sake

I shall praise His name.

For defying the art of all decorations,

yet in his manger beauty and Holiness;

I bow my knees, Yes Immanuel.

For His humility yet knowing the end from the beginning.

I shall but live to emulate.

He is my everything, my hero and my unfailing Saviour,

Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, nor, minds thought of

what awaits us that believe.

His name is Immanuel:  God with us.

The authors of the Gospels narratives about the event celebrated yearly on earth, as the birth of Christ can be related to our everyday encounter of storm, hindrance, pains of various grades.  My take on this is informative, with hope that you could find yourself in the lines of Luke’s narrative painted in these words, “She wrapped him in a manger, because there was no room for them at the inn.” Lk. 1:7b

I argue that Christ Jesus as the suffering lamb of God identified with universal pain and challenges of life considering events surrounding his birth.

Immanuel as prophetic inherited name because of His Trinitarian (“Homoousion”) statues, and the encountered experience at the event of his birth, are so significantly alluded in our daily challenges.   The narratives account as authors settled with words – “no room in the inn”, truly convey great theological reflections.  What could best describe the pain of our existence than that, which ushered it into existence.  The pain of birth is yet without qualification in words expressing the very state of a womb that brought life into existence.

Looking at the historic significant of what was stated by Luke in his Gospel, we come face to face with a busy city, preoccupied with the response to Caesar Augustus  decree for a census and Bethlehem as the birth-place of Immanuel.  Notably the importance of the shepherds within reasonable distance able to come and worship articulates rich understanding when placed side by side with our Christmas shopping rush hours.  Humanity in postmodern time are too busy shopping to notice other happenings around them.  But how lonely are the early hours of our celebrated Christmas day?  Our experience today while trying to pick up some things needed that were not bought, on getting to the shop, the doors were still shut longer than the announced time of opening; for they have misplaced their key. Such waiting was inevitable since we truly need to have the need items.  How the birth of Christ Jesus waited for this very eventful moment with all its alluded significance.  “for he was numbered among the wicked”(even until his death)  might not only be of them that are crucified with him, but during a census period Joseph must have mentioned his birth at registration.  If omitted, still points to the word, “who shall declare his generation?” (Psalm 2:7; Isaiah 53:8; Matt. 1), because of the circumstance of His birth which knew no sin.   What a fulfilled word of God in balance however we tend to it.

The distance covered on foot and possible a donkey as means of transport (because of their financial status), is obvious challenging for a woman in Mary’s state. As we shop walking within the centrum in Amsterdam, we confined our steps to a foot walk, because of the crowd of witnesses in shopping areas, which escalates to an unavoidable growing endless lines of buyers waiting patiently to pay at the cashier’s desk.  All these are visible within the short narrative of Luke-Christ Jesus birth in Bethlehem.  Would it be said of the situation to have resulted from their inability to get there on time, or financial support for comfortable inn, yet the words carries this emotion of inability to achieve any form of comfort better than what they have settled into as what life could offer at that this particular time despite the circumstance.   Does it speak about our helpless acceptance of life as it may have become today?  My take on that is yes, would you answer honestly as well before proceeding?

Significance of events mentioned in Christ Jesus birth.

Caesar census decree:  It depicts a free people still being subjected to a rule outside their :inheritance, yet in their promised land. (John 8:33)   An economical possible bondage about to escalate  despite their already poor status.  Biblically any call for census outside God’s ordinance was considered sinful yet they must obey such worship of strange god ordnances.

In our postmodern world, even if one chooses to stay blind about these as true identification of our present world to the narrative world; one would not afford to denial the hope for a better day in life time. How often do we appear to be living free yet, slaves to the self-centred governing systems of earth.  We would not denial the ascribed respect to the person of Theophilus, “most excellent,”  I clear indication that there were people of high respect, title lovers, distinguished classes and ranks of people.  The true quality that defines a working society.   It validates the event historically, and brings to light the possible glimpse of a divine order being played out. Gal.4:4  Too often people speaks about coincidence, Christianity is never in such classification of thoughts.  In Christian believe, biblical records echoes the coming into existence of things made known to the people of old by prophecy. (Matt. 2:4-6; initially prophesied in Gen. 3:15; Isaiah 9:6; Micah 5:2.  Same divine order is at work in us all towards the sole purpose for which humanity exist. (Gen. 2:26-28; Acts 1:8; 1 Peter 2:9-10).   The true redemption of the universe, through all who believe and shall believe for we have all  seen the light of men even in our darkest thought moments.

God is in it

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9.  cf:  “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” – Isaiah 41:10

It is obvious God’s plan for our lives exceeds the circumstance of the moment we are encountering as challenges of life.  As such, the circumstance surrounding your life today is an opening for angelic announcement of deliverance in our lives families, communities and earth at large.  How much more the manifesting promises of God dwelling with the creation finally as believers in Christ Jesus reflect this glory in every areas of life activities.  Irrespective of location on earth, we all could terms with the idea of “no inn” – no room left.  As travellers, in the cold region, and  traveller, in the tropics – the idea of missing your flight, or no passenger site left to convey us to our final destination at this rush hour of celebration  are devastating news that can be reckoned with state of disappointment.

The good-news is we have a Saviour that have been through it all. He had no room for his birth, though innocent as He is.  Wearied as the womb that ushered his existence might have scan the entire city looking for an inn might have been, yet He had in Him what it took to get to the purpose for His existence. Though the place of birth was of low-esteem, yet He received gifts from wise men from the East who could not resist to follow His shining star to wherever it may lead (Isaiah 42:6; 60:3,6).

In conclusion, It is undeniable that you are not been recognised in the same level of glory you carry within you, yet you are destined for glory.  Would you let-go the space it will take for God through Christ Jesus to accomplish your purpose in existence? Would you choose over everything to follow His light to wherever it may lead not minding in murmuring form the pain of such weary decision made?  May God through the power of the Holy Spirit enable us see this season as a true mark bearer of His identifying with our individual state in life in Christ Jesus name Amen.

By Dumbili Joseph Awele


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