We are interested in exploring the privilege of diversity in our worship system as believers and as gathered  from all nations and tongues on earth.  As such this group is a research purposed forum for graduate studies of Advanced Liturgy.



We shall be presenting cases in question form to the forum and hoping that all participants would contribute in godly and informative ways for the benefit of all.  His Presence Ministry (v.z.w)  and Joseph Dumbili facebook would service as the heart of public eyes-catcher for growing traffic of participants and collection of comments and contributions in idea forms.

Kindly note that one reward at heart is the building of the Body of Christ into worshipers of great relationship with one another and greater openness in the presence of the true God on earth, an on-going functional eternal enterprise that projects into eternity in the Presence of God.

Individual participants are welcomed from all denominations and non-denominations as well as free Christian backgrounds.  Your opinion matters a lot to us.  But be informed that wrong use of forum would mean elimination in this on-going edifying research.

It is our hope that at the end of the study we shall show appreciations to participants accordingly.  May the good God be praise as we engage in this research with all zealousness in faith under the leading of the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus name.

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