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Our generation have followed same step in the name of giving to God that which will cost us something.  Many are encouraged through teachings which undermined the central message of the Bible.  God does not need our sacrifices, but a broken heart and a repented heart; God will not withdraw His presence from. Psalm 51:17.

Rather we are bombarding seekers with messages of guilt should they refuse to offer sacrifices we are told in the Bible that God is not after our physical sacrifices, but our entire being offered as living sacrifices to God; Romans 12:1

The doctrine of justification by faith which the Church from Christian Fathers  most contender being Martin Luther, stood for, that gave birth to reformation in Church that later gave birth to the platform of Pentecostalism, was noted as to be attained not by our works but by faith alone in Christ and Christ alone as the material principle for our salvation by grace, is also being victimized by those who should have taught the Church about the pure offering of oneself to God.

Further I would argue that last book in the Old Testament writing disqualifies the offering of the writer’s time.  It reads like this, Mal.1:6b -7a

It is you priests who show contempt for my name.

“But you ask, ‘How have we shown contempt for your name?’

“By offering defiled food on my altar.

“But you ask, ‘How have we defiled you?’

If we must do a study on this book, one will be shock to discover that the practice is close to what Christ Jesus challenged in the Gospel.  The Messenger (as Hebrew interpretation of the word Malachi) prophesied to the coming of the Messiah one that would lead the cleansing of the temple and lead the redeemed into true worship again. One clear indication to that is the burning of incense to God everywhere on earth.  Mal.1:11.    It is identified as useless fire before God’s alter. 

How sad it is in our time to see the calling for giving like one auctioning a commodity to the public.  Have we not made common that which was meant for the gathered?  I put it to us that the reason behind the appeal to give in the Pauline time was for the needy among the Body of Christ to be helped and not for the enrichment of one’s ministry or incorporation.  (For Macedonia and Achaia were pleased to make a contribution for the poor among the Lord’s people in Jerusalem.) Romans 15:26.   Jude truly warned us of such time as now when he diverged from his initial thesis on our common salvation in Christ Jesus to warn of the impending encroachment of evil within the church.

Jude noted them as “Woe to them! They have taken the way of Cain; they have rushed for profit into Balaam’s error; they have been destroyed in Korah’s rebellion.”vs.11

The last messenger of the Old Testament lamented about the occurring practice of offered sacrifices being examined before offering is made. Mal.1.  The clear indication to this is the offering of lame animals which the Leviticus code considers as abomination to God (Exodus 12:3,5-6;Leviticus 1:3; Deuteronomy 15:21).  Most notable reasons includes, intentional omission to adhere to the law because, the Priests were engaging themselves in the sales of animal for offering.  Think about this if you have animals such as cow, sheep, lamb, pigeons to mention but few needed for offering and you can control the market what would you do as fallen human with a mind defined as deceitful? 

They omitted the needed examining of offering because they were the sole marketers of the goods.  In another terms it was not necessary any longer to check what is being offered because they were sure of its source.   So is our generation, nobody cares anymore where your money is coming from so long as you give it to their god; because they belong to the world and you are giving them which comes from the world.  For they have taught their followers how to make money irrespective of means; so long as prosperity is declared as testimony. 

Who have bewitched us teachers of the Word, to know the truth and prefer to speak to itching ears what they want to hear?  It is not written?  God loves a cheerful giver and giving is better than receiving? Yet the Corinthian giving was not identified as money. Neither were others after the money of converts. I argue that they would have sold to Simon the Sorcerer that which he asked for; but out of a pure spirit Peter responses were “May your silver perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money! Acts 8:20.  When do we give as leaders of the gathered church?  One would argue but we preach and pray and lead them to God so we deserve our reward.  Same Scripture encourages worshipers and all in the vineyard to work for reward not perishable.   For where a man wealth is there is his or her heart. 

How wonderful is the first generation Church that had no silver and gold to give to the beautiful gate occupant.  Rather they gave Jesus the Christ of Nazareth.  I will argue that the fatter the offering in our time the lesser the presence of God’s Spirit because the widow that gave the coin Jesus called the most accepted offering was never mentioned by name, yet the Scripture did not identify her as to have followed Christ afterwards. Lk.21:2-4.  In our time her act will be commended and oil poured upon her as mark of her obedience and sincerely speaking, more declaration upon her. The praise of men right?

You are the Church not the ministry of any human, you do not belong to any preacher, but Christ Jesus so your giving is to the Body of Christ which is the Church – (meaning believers in need among the gathered).  But in our time, it is my followers and members and should you not give, you are about to lose your post as worker.  But read this: 

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